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Verse Chorus Inferno started in 2007 as an “all star band” from different local punk rock bands, who gathered to fill in a European tour back then. We ended up playing together for a few years, before pausing as everyone had other bands, kids, life projects…until 2020.
During the lockdown we started working on new music again, and started recording the album I’m sending you today, our first full length.
Flying a DeLorean To 2007 tells 11 stories about our 2007 tour, life on the road, the lockdown, life-long friendships and the will to play together again after 10 years (plus a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, featuring Sandro from Forty Winks as a guest lead singer).
an upbeat, melodic barnburner that sizzles with raw energy!


Fast times in Den Haag


HOT Release

Flying a dolorean to 2007 LP

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